Saturday, 17 May 2008

Posting on your Blog

Go to and sign on with your email address and password and you should arrive at your blogger dashboard.

Where it says Manage Your Posts click on New Post under the blog you want to post on.

Make sure that the tab selected is Compose and not Edit Html.

Write the title of the post in the title field.

Write the text content of the post in the main box.

And fill in the labels for the post at the bottom, separated by commas,

These labels are important, as they are what the search engine sees and later on when you have a lot of posts, they will make it possible to navigate your blog.

Add any links to other blogs or conventional websites, you will find some web pages can’t be linked to because they are not written in conventional html but in one of the other more esoteric web writing languages.

To add a link open your browser (probably internet explorer) again, so you don’t interfere with what you are doing on

Get up the webpage you want to link to and copy its website address (at the top of the webpage starts http).

Get up the blogger posting form and type what you want the link to read, something like click here read about blogs and blogging on a normal webpage

Highlight the text that you want to be the link click on the link button on the screen (it looks like a picture of a small green pea with an even smaller paperclip above it) and paste the website address into the box that appears, don’t forget to delete http from the box so that it doesn’t appear twice.

Then click on publish your post and then on view blog to see if you have done it ok, if you haven’t you can go to edit posts on your blogger dashboard and change it.


Matt B said...

Well done - I think this is a vital resource for Thanet. The more of us that write about how to blog the more chances there are that other locals will be able to figure it out and join in. I think that locals blogging or joining forums but joining in the conversation is so vital to our survival as an island that it is hard to over emphasise.

I've written quite a lot on the subject over the years but goodness only knows how accessible to a beginner it is. I've summarised the more juicy articles on this page:

I hope this inspires you to keep going with this project.

Michael Child said...

Will do Matt this blog really just came about when I was testing the various instructions, step by step, for various people who asked me how to do things.

The problems I encountered on the other blogging about blogging blogs was they either missed out some step or got too complicated.

The main problem I have found with these sort of instructions is that they look a lot more complicated than they are,

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Graham Jones of
has a resource on his site.

Michael, well done on this. Always useful.