Friday, 16 May 2008

Blogs and blogging for beginners getting your blogger dashboard

First I should point out this is free and doesn’t cost you anything.This is my second posting on the subject and is for those of you who wish to get into the driving seat and start your own blog, or wish to join blogger to prevent other people maliciously using their identity.Before joining blogger you will need to work out what name you want to use for yourself as this will appear as when you post on other blogs, you also need to decide on what email address you want to use. This is very important if you wish to hide your true identity and you may need to get a hotmail or other free email address before you start.The name you use for yourself is the one that appears in your blogger profile and doesn’t need to be the same as the name of your blog, indeed you can have a number of blogs all using your chosen name.I have 2 blogs, which is my main blog and, which I occasionally play with, but is pointless.You then go to and sign up following the instructions which are all fairly straightforward.After having done this when you go to and sign on you go to your own blogger dashboard where you can do various things.One final thing in the sign in box your username is your email address.

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