Friday, 16 May 2008

Blogs and blogging for beginners creating a blog

On your blogger dashboard click on create a blog, or if you already have a blog but want to do some of the following things to it, next to Manage click settings, and miss out the next paragraph.

Fill in the form that comes up, with the name of your blog, the web address of your blog, with the web address you may have to fiddle about a bit to find one that’s available. And the word verification, which is to stop machines making blogs as well as people.

You then go to a page where you chose a template, this is the basic background look of your blog, it doesn’t matter which one you chose as you can change it later.

You then come the page where you control this blog you can always get back there by clicking on New Post under the blogs name on the blogger dashboard.

Next make it as easy as you can for people to post on it, you can always make it more difficult later if you get any problems like spam or malicious comments.

Click on the settings tab and then click on the comments tab, next to who Can Comment? dot Anyone, next to Show word Verification For Comments? Dot No then go to the bottom of the page and click on SAVE CHANGES.

You also need to put some links to other blogs on your site, there are two reasons for this first the search engines like pages with links on, and if you want the other blogs you comment on to direct people to your blog, you need to direct people to theirs, tit for tat.

So next click on the layout tab, then on add a page element, where it says Link list click on ADD TO BLOG in the title field type a suitable title on Thanetonline blog it’s “Local Blogs”

Open your browser (probably internet explorer) again so you don’t interfere with what you are doing to your blog, and go to a blog you want to add a link for. Highlight and copy the name of the blog get up the page (Click on the tab for it at the bottom of your screen) where you are adding the blogs link to your blog and paste it in, where it says New Site Name. Get up the blog you are adding again and copy the website address, this is at the top of the web page and starts http, get up the page where you are adding the blogs link to your blog and paste it in, where it says New Site URL, it already has http:// which you need to delete so it doesn’t appear twice and click on save changes, repeat the process to add more links to other blogs.

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