Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Lies dammed lies and statistics

The new blog Thanet leisure is having minor teething problems like we all have had so thought I would post the correspondence as it may help others.

Hi Michael thank you for your help, not sure i fully understand ? its comes up as thanetleisure where does it still say margate leisure?
Also is there anyway to see how many visitors my blog has had ??

Thank you so much for your help !!!

This should help

to use google analytics you have to paste a code into part of your blog so it can read it. For some reason it doesn’t show as many visitors as my site meter.

I use this one

To paste the code for counter go to and sign on your blogger dashboard click on the layout tab then page elements tab then click on add a gadget from the list that comes up chose HTML/Javascripr and paste the code you get into the large part of the box that comes up and click on save.

On the page elements page you can drag the page elements around to get the where you want them i.e. the counter at the bottom.

The google analytics code goes into html on the edit html tab on the layout tab.

It shows as Margate Leisure on your browser title tab and also feeds as Margate Leisure so comes up as that on peoples recent posts on other blogs this also means it is the main title that the search engines see.

To rectify this go to and sign on on your blogger dashboard click on settings. Click on the basic tab in the title field write Thanet Leisure scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on save settings.

Incidentally you may find that some of the pages on the various bits of blogger wont open unless you delete your temporary internet files, to do this close internet explorer right click on the internet explorer icon on your desktop and on the general tab click on delete then click delete next to temporary internet files and ok that.

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